The Farm Assists’ primary mandate is to provide safe access to medicinal cannabis and cannabis related products for its membership.

We strive to offer a wide range of dried cannabis, concentrates, and edible products at reasonable prices to best serve each member’s needs and treatment requirements. Our members can expect a strong quality standard is applied to all our products.

As well as acting as a dispensary, The Farm Assists is a community service provider. Our Vapour Lounge is a safe and comfortable environment for our members to consume their medicine while connecting with a diverse group of people in similar situations. Our Vapour Lounge is wheelchair accessible and has an efficient carbon filtration system.

Through activism and education we strive to further the repeal of prohibition and deregulation of cannabis from the municipal to the federal level.

We assist both members and public navigate the the ACMPR application process and provide the required paperwork to any who ask.

‘…dispensaries are the heart of cannabis access,” Justice Phelan – Reasons For Judgement – February 24, 2016


To ensure the availability of a supply of medicinal cannabis and related medicinal cannabis products for members only on prescription, or written authorization from an appropriately licensed health care practitioner.


To ensure cannabis for medicinal use is accessible in a manner that is consistent with the highest standard of care, including but not limited to ensuring access to a wide variety of strains, methods of delivery, and models of distribution.

To operate a business providing a safe, family friendly, and secure environment to all members and staff.

To facilitate in the education of the public,membership, health care practitioners, legislators, and law enforcement on the use of medicinal cannabis, methods of delivery and models of distribution.